African style

Tired of the concrete jungle and the other delights of urbanism, designers are increasingly starting to pay attention to the interiors of ethnic styles. One of the most popular folk styles today is the African style. The main reasons for the distinctive Africanstyle is impulsive, mysterious, and with it the children's spontaneity and simplicity. The African continent so diverse, interesting and bright!
The natural color palette is bright and hot with sand and water, ritual masks and war painttribes, hot days and nights studyaschie. The whole of Africa - a solid contrast. So - the corresponding colors - orange and blue, black and white, yellow, red shades, bright patterns. The decoration of the premises must be present natural materials: curtains of linen, jute bags, or covering the furniture, exotic wood, clay jugs and vases with the characteristic copper ornaments, animal fur from the wild, say, a zebra or cheetah. Thiscontrasts sharply with the entourage of the situation in the classical style, with itsmeasured and balanced. Perhaps the only avant-garde style with its minimalist furniture and bright spots on the canvas can compete with the African style in the interior.

African interior

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